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... The trusted place where you find the right team with long time accumulated professional expertise in image and video for helping you on digital image and video subjects. In Hints section, we post articles for helping you in digital image and video. In our digishop.org blog site we constantly add new articles for improving your skills in your digital photo and digital video activity. We provide you also appropriate links for navigating through the large number of Best Sellers and through Top 100 products of digital SLR cameras, lenses, digital point-and-shoot cameras and camcorders, including surveillance systems available also in our site. Obviously, you can buy from our site at the best prices and delivery options of the market, from our vast selection of Best Sellers and Top 100 products rated by the most recent opinions of large number of clients.

We recommend very popular Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens. According to opinions from more than 3700 users, this camera lens has very good rating. It has micromotor-type AF motor without full-time manual focusing. With minimum focusing distance of 0.45m/17.72", it is compatible with Canon EF mount for full frame, APS-H and APS-C DSLRs. This could be your default lens.

We recommend also another popular Canon digital camera lens with very good rating from several hundreds users such as Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens for Canon EOS SLR Cameras, product number 0345B002. With its most advanced Canon Image Stabilizer (IS), this telephoto zoom lens has very significant shake mitigation and fast-action autofocus. The EMD (electro-magnetic diaphragm) system creates a pleasant defocus at large apertures. The lens makes focusing with well-known Canon UltraSonic Motor (USM). This lens is recommended for nature and sports pictures and achieves amazing results while shooting hand held. Visit Recommended Lenses and and Advanced Lenses articles for more information.

Our recommendation goes also to Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras using DC motor system for focusing, product number 6473a003. The lens has very small geometric distortions. It has a rotating type zoom with improved smooth zooming and good damping. Minimum focusing distance is 4.9-foot. Diagonal viewing angle range is from 32-degrees to 8-degrees. There is no image stabilization feature. The lens has 2.8 inches diameter and 4.8 inches long. It weighs 16.8 ounces and comes with 1-year warranty. Filter size is 58mm. This is the most affordable and versatile Canon long telephoto zoom lens with amazing results from portraits to wildlife and nature. It should be the default lens of advanced amateur with "stable hands". Go to Recommended Lenses and and Advanced Lenses for more information.

The basic idea of this site is our constant dialogue with our visitors. There are always real persons behind this site which answer to your questions and comments within 24 hours. We strongly encourage you to make comments on our articles posted in Hints and to ask questions about our articles and about products available through our site. Please, do not hesitate to contact us.

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digishop.org has also plenty of mobile devices such as iPad, iPod, smartphone and cell phone, used more frequently to make your digital images and videos. All iPad, iPod and smartphone mobile devices not only make digital image and video, but can also send them to cloud storage on Internet. There are multiple advantages of cloud storage, such as: unlimited storage space, accessing your cloud storage account from anywhere in the world where Internet is accessible and the possibility of sharing the content of your cloud storage account with other people anywhere in the world.

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digihsop.org has everything you need for running image editors, video editors and sound editors, all grouped in the digital lab section. Laptop computer is the main component of the digital lab. Using the laptop, you can run image editors, video editors and sound editors, among other applications. Our search engines tells you which laptop is the best for you. We have a large variety of laptops with Windows and MAC OS operating systems. You can find also a large variety of image editors, video editors and sound editors for both major operating systems Windows and MAC OS. Laptop screen is great for showing your image production and video production. External LCD computer monitor connected to your laptop allows you to see better your image production and video production at larger size.

With laptops, video editors and sound editors available in our digishop.org, you can build very nice HD and 3D-HD professional class videos and movies. You can find also in digishop.org, a large variety of HDTV and 3D HDTV to fully enjoy your professional class video production, run either from your laptop or from your Blu-ray player, or from your DVD player. Blu-ray players and DVD players are also available at digishop.org.

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In our Digital Lab department you can find high quality Canon photo printers, HP photo printers, Epson photo printers and also photo printers from other manufacturers. We have only high quality photo printers.

We invite you to visit our Surveillance section with a wide choice of video surveillance systems and video surveillance components to select from. At digishop.org you can buy all the video surveillance system and video surveillance components for your needs at the best prices and delivery options of the market.

You can find also a large variety of accessories for digital cameras and camcorders such as camera bags, batteries, tripods, flash memories, camera flashes or speedlites. We have the best quality accessories such as camera bags, batteries, tripods, flash memories, camera flashes, speedlites and also many other related products, to give you maximum satisfaction.

Our items list is very long, and its content is constantly updated with the new high quality products released on the digital photography and digital video market. We strongly encourage you to visit digishop.org.

The links of digishop.org will direct you to a detailed description of the selected product such as its features, customer reviews and shows you also similar products. You can find products frequently bought together with your selected product. This could be useful, if by chance you missed to think about something. As an example, you can find suggestions for memory cards matching the selected camera. It can be useful, too, for suggesting different lenses that can be used with your selected camera.

We facilitate your shopping for each product category with sections labelled such as Hot New Releases, Best Sellers, Most Wished For and Most Gifted. We constantly update also these sections with new products. The "Best Seller" label gives you an idea about the buying choice of the customers. The "Hot New Releases" highlights you the new products. The "Most Gifted" section shows you which products used to be gifts for family and friends, while the "Most Wished For" section shows you the items that you might purchase in the near future.

Our site gives you direct access to a large number of items to choose from. You are not limited only to the direct access of the displayed items. Every page has a search engine specific to a certain product category of our store, such as digital SLR cameras, or camcorders, or lenses. There are also available search engines through all digishop.org departments.

The right-hand side of the page has links to free e-books. Some of them are related to digital photo and video. Sometimes we provide books related to other subjects for your leisure.

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