is your on-line place for trustful professional advice on digital image and video products. At digishop.org our goal is for helping on-line visitors to select the best fit products. Moreover, we want to help our visitors for using their digital cameras, camcorders and everything related to digital photography and video by providing continuing support through posted articles. digishop.org not only gives you professional information on digital cameras, digital camcorders, lenses, surveillance systems and accessories for all these products, but also offers to buy the best products of each category at the best prices and delivery options on the market.

We invite you to read our posts in Hints section, offering some basic knowledge in digital photography and in digital video. Our initial target is low and intermediate level audience, for encouraging people to make better pictures and videos for personal use. We will be more than delighted to hear that an enthusiast encouraged by digishop.org became a passionate photographer, video producer or even an artist.


We strongly encourage you for sending us your opinions and comments about the entire site using the dialogue box below. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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