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section offers you the largest variety of digital camcorders such as: pocket camcorders, standard camcorders up to professional camcorders, available on today’s market spanning over 5,000 items. Please follow the camcorder link to browse our entire collection. We explain below several specific features of each camcorder category.

All camcorders available in our shop store the digitally encoded video and sound on flash memory, on hard disc, or on MiniDV digital cassette in HDTV format. This is a tremendous advantage versus the previous models with analogue recording available just several years ago. Standard 3:4 video format is also available on most of today’s camcorders. However, using the video editors available on the market at very affordable prices, you can cast the video production and generate the output in a multitude of video formats such as normal, HD, 3:4 form factor and more.


We help you to navigate through entire department with more than 5,400 products, starting from all camcorders link. Once on the top of camcorders, you can start your search looking at several categories, such as optical zoom, display size, and features such as high definition (1500+), compact size (1,300+), image stabilization (1,100+), professional (1,000+), handycam (1,000+), lithium ion (700+), low light (600+) and more. Numbers in parenthesis show the products of each category.

You can search for your product by looking at brand names such as Sony, Kodak, Panasonic, Canon, GoPro and others.

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Pocket Camcorders are very popular, providing a good trade-off between size, price and video quality. They are low cost and convenient way for video recording with minimum loading of the operator and of the laptop. You just record, download it to laptop, and enjoy! Of course, you can do your video production using the downloaded video and your video editor. Some pocket camcorders are waterproof. Encoding is typically MPEG-4/H.264, supported by default by vast majority of video processing software. You don’t worry about installing in your computer special video codecs. They are standard free plugins in most operating systems. Below you have a selection of pocket camcorders from the most popular models available on the market. For more similar products, follow the link pocket camcorders.

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Compact camcorder is a short-term video option, offering reasonable quality at affordable cost both in terms of camcorder and of laptop. Standard-definition camcorders are still very popular and probably they will be for several years. Below you have a short selection of these models. Please follow the link for all compact size models.

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Traditional camcorders offer good quality HD recording with plenty of features such as mic jacks, hot shoes for accessories like external video lights and microphones, manual controls for focus, shutter speed, aperture, and other setting at reasonable price. AVCHD video encoding demands more resources of your computer in terms of processor speed, memory space and video module quality, but gives you the richness of the recording you are expecting. For HD video camcorders, be prepared to install a video codec or some software required to see your HD recording. Typically, video editing software used for standard video support HD video, too. Below is a short selection of HD consumer camcorders. To see more models, follow camcorders link.

HD 1080p camcorders approach the professional level. They have more manual controls, such as rotatable rings for manual focus and aperture controls and dedicated buttons for white balance, providing more comfortable shooting. For more HD 1080p camcorders, follow the link camcorder HD 1080p and find your preferred unit.

3D camcorders offer you the capability to record 3D scenes. Be aware of all the aspects of viewing the 3D scenes, such as requirement for 3D-capable HDTV and use of vision glasses at all levels of video editing. Below you find several examples of 3D camcorders. For more products, go to 3D camcorders link.

Professional camcorders are top-level camcorders. They allow you to change the lens and to use good-quality microphones for very low noise sound. Professional camcorders have all the other features required at professional level. Several professional units are shown below. For more professional camcorders, follow the link.

Working with video record is very different from working with photos such as in .jpg format generated by most digital cameras.
You must keep in mind that the video signal recorded on any media is encoded to save memory space (smaller files). Video signal is complex, containing streams of pictures, sound, timing signals according to the selected TV standard NTSC, PAL or SECAM, and also synchronization information between all recorded streams.
It is very rare to use the recording as it was done initially by the camcorder. Usually, the video record must be edited. Your must build your video production by assembling together what you like for both video and sound. Eventually you insert transitions and titles. This is time consuming, but at the end you are rewarded by the outcome. You can find video editors in our Digital Lab page.

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