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title is suggestive for handling the images and video from the digital cameras, digital camcorders, iPads, iPods, smartphones and cell phones. Since the vast majority of all images and videos available today are in digital format, their processing is digital; therefore the lab itself is digital. In Digital Lab department you can find all the equipment you need for your digital photo and video such as laptops, picture editing software, image editing software, computer monitors, HDTV, 3D HDTV, external optical drives including Blu-ray drives and also digital photo frames. You can find plenty of accessories, such as USB flash drives and flash memory cards.

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Laptops today are great replacement of desktops for most applications. They can be used successfully either as home or computer or small business computer and have typically all the features of a regular desk-top computer. Moreover, they can be portable, and can be connected to Internet either via cable, or wireless. A review of main elements to check when buying a laptop could be helpful for many users.

CPU is the computer’s heart. There are two CPU manufacturers: Intel and AMD. Intel’s processors Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 mobile run from 1.3GHz up to 2.9GHz, either with 2 or with 4 cores. Higher speed requires more power, which reduces battery life. Fusion A-series processors from AMD aim to offer better value in affordable all-purpose and ultra portable laptops.

Memory requirement is between 2GB and 16GB (recommended) for modern operating systems. Below 2GB, laptop operation is marginal.

Graphics module is responsible for everything you see on the screen. For most applications except video games and HDTV, the integrated graphics works fine. For demanding video applications, we suggest graphic processing units form Nvidia and ATI.

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Display of 15inches or more, with 1400x1080pixels can show well HDTV movies and also performs well other applications such as image and video editing. Full HD screen configuration of 1920x1080pixels is better. Most of today’s laptops such as Apple MacBook Pro MD102LL/A have Thunderbolt serial port for communication with external monitors. Slim ultrabooks and chromebooks have only USB ports and HDMI interfaces. Digital video output would be preferable for better video quality. VGA port 15-pin for external monitor is less encountered on new laptop models, but HDMI to VGA adapters are available.

HDD of 500GB or more at 5400rpm for low power consumption or 7200rpm if low power is not critical, should be good for all applications, including HDTV processing.

Optical drive, Blu-ray enabled DVDRW/CD-RW is a “nice-to-have” option for recording your video productions on DVD.

Flash Card reader for SD+MMC+MS cards is a must, for reading images and video from the digital devices. However, if the laptop does not have the card reader, you should buy one with USB connection.

USB ports are standard option for any laptop, for connecting a multitude of USB devices, including digital cameras. USB ports version 2.0 and up can support high transfer rates of video camera.

HDMI port is standard at today’s laptops for connecting external monitors and HDTVs. There is also HDMI input to VGA adapter converter to connect new laptops with “old” LCD monitors.

FireWire or IEEE1394 port is standard at today’s laptops for connecting camcorders.

Bluetooth built-in connection is increasingly popular for wireless connection of external devices such as wireless mouse and eventually wireless keyboard. However, all laptops have a touch pad to move cursor.

Internet connection through a local router can be done either through 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet or through 802.11b/g/n wireless port. However, wireless connection to a local router becomes more popular. Internet can be also available through WiFi connection.

Operating systems for new laptops is either Windows 7 and Windows 8, or MAC OS X Lion. These new operating systems come bundled with most of the software drivers required for digital cameras and digital camcorders.

Tablets are increasingly popular way of downloading the images and video from digital cameras and camcorders, because are more comfortable than laptops when traveling. The images can be stored either locally, or in the cloud. All tablets have also integrated digital cameras for taking pictures and small video clips with continuously quality. With tablets, you have also your mobile digital lab for some simple image processing capabilities. Follow the link to see our full line of Tablets.

Sound, image and video editing software is a must for any digital processing job. The image processing applications built in the operating systems can do only minor alterations on the images. Video productions require more work which cannot be done only with the operating systems plugins. A good sound editor allows you to build professional-quality video productions. Above you have several select applications from our most popular software. For our entire line of applications, visit our Software department.

Photo printers for high resolution color printing (4800dpi and more) have tone levels that mimic the quality of traditional photos made by classical means. You can print your photos locally in your digital lab, at reasonable quality and stability in time. You can find a broad range of photo printers in our site.

External optical drives such as DVD and Blu-ray are very useful accessories for storing your video productions. You can use them also to backup your image and video recordings.

Computer monitor shows ultimately the outcome of your work. It should be fully compatible with HDTV format. A good monitor gives you a better idea of your work either on picture, or on video. You should be aware of monitor calibration for confidence in its colors. A quick check is on white areas. If you do not notice any specific faint color, the monitor is well adjusted. If your monitor needs adjustments, follow monitor’s help or its manual.

HDTV is a nice option for your digital lab, too, especially when you work with HD video and movies. HDTV gives you the “real world” output and a good sense of your work. 3D HDTV give stunning 3D images when viewed through special 3D viewing glasses. You can find plenty of HDTV in this site.

Digital photo frame is a nice way of displaying the preferred pictures on your desk. You have a broad selection of photo frames with features such as changing the picture when a person moves in front of the frame, or selecting a larger memory for downloading more pictures into the frame.

Our sore has several thousands laptops, ultrabooks, chromebooks and netbooks. Just follow the links to go to these categories. The best fit for Digital Lab are the laptops. Below, we provide several small selections from our large variety. We strongly recommend you to follow the link attached to the title of each category for browsing the entire category.

From The Top 100 Hot New Releases in Laptops

From The Top 100 Best Sellers in Laptops

From The Top 100 Most Wished For in Laptops

From The First 100 Top Rated in Laptops

We have a vast collection of Software for Photo, Video and Design from amateur level up to professional level. Use the link to see our entire range. Below we give just a short excerpt of what we have.

For entire collection of photo editing software, follow the link of the title below.

From The First 100 Best Sellers in Photo Editing Software

For entire collection of video editing software, follow the link of the title below.

From First 100 Best Sellers in Video Editing Software

For entire collection of more than 240 photo printers, follow the link of the title below.

From First Rated 100 Photo Printers

For entire collection of more than 3,600 external optical drives, follow the link of the title below.

The popularity of USB flash drives is well known. We have over 190,000 products. Below we have a short selection of these products. For access to our entire line of products, follow the link attached to the title.

From Top 100 USB Flash Drives

For Computer Monitors see Displays department of our store.

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