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department of our store has the entire variety of display devices existing on the market: LCD computer monitors, LCD HDTVs, plasma HDTV, digital photo frames and digital projectors.

Our store has an extensive line of LCD monitors of more than 56,000 products. Vast majority of them have 16:9 aspect ratio, HDTV compatible, but you can find also monitors with 4:3 aspect ratio. Below is a sort selection. For full line of our products, follow the link of the title.

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Our line of flat TV sets has LCD TV products and Plasma TV products, based respectively on Liquid Crystal Display – LCD technology and Plasma Display technology, common to display units over 30inches diagonal. LCD LED TV are a particular class of LCD displays using LED as light source. Below we show short selections of both LCD HDTV and Plasma TV. For visiting the entire lines of products, follow the links of the titles.

From Top 100 LCD HDTV sets

From Top 100 Plasma TV sets

Digital photo frames are great ways of displying pictures of loved ones. Our store has more than 20,000 products. We show below a short selection of them. For accessing the entire stock, follow the link of the title below.

Projectors have the advantage of portability and of scaling their projected image within a broad range. They are used frequently for conference presentations, for outdoor movies projections, and eventually for home theater and for more than these applications. For access to our entire line of more than 178,000 projector products, follow the link projectors. Below we show several selections from our major categories such as LCD projectors (11,500+) products, Projectors 1080P (5,600+ products), Projectors 1080P 3D (1,800+ products), LCD Projectors 1080P (2,200+ products) and LED projectors (2,900+ products). For browsing the entire line of products for each category, follow either the text links, or the links of titles of each category.


It is useful to clarify two parameters encountered in digital projectors from several manufacturers:

Lumen is the measuring unit for light emitted by projector. For user, this unit specifies image brightness on screen. A large number of Lumen gives brighter image on screen than a smaller number of Lumen on the same screen. Of course, image brightness depends on screen quality. The same projector can produce different brightness on different screens. Do not blame the projector for this!


DCR or contrast ratio is the ratio between the luminosity of the brightest spot on the screen and the darkest spot on the screen. Higher the ratio gives better picture. If the displayed picture or movie does not have enough contrast, or if there is low quality screen, do not blame the projector.



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