The Digital SLR

or Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras is the fastest growing segment of digital cameras. Long time ago tagged with high prices, digital SLRs have now much better characteristics than several years ago at more affordable prices. Of course, their popularity is constantly increasing. Digital SLRs give the best picture quality among all imaging capturing devices such as point-and-shoot, camcorder, iPad, iPod and cellular phone. Moreover, some cameras such as Canon EOS 5D Mark III are used also to make professional movies, because camera lenses have wider viewing angles than camcorder lenses, and its image sensor has more pixel counts than camcorders’ image sensors, therefore the image is sharper.
The number of pixels of the image sensor is important for image quality. Obviously, higher pixels count gets sharper picture for a given lens.
Another important parameter is the size of image sensor. Higher pixel number increases the image sensor size. This holds true if the pixel keeps its size. In reality, pixel size can be different from one image sensor to another. Smaller pixel size gives sharper image. Definitely, it must be considered both the size of the entire imaging area and the pixel count. The best image sensor has the full-frame size of 36.0mm x 23.9mm and more than 22MP, such as Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Nikon D3200 and Nikon D800. Larger sensor collects more light, increases light sensitivity and decreases the noise of the electronic image. Noise is more visible as “grains” at higher ISO_speed. Sensor size is behind digital camera sensitivity, given by maximum ISO speed such as ISO6400, ISO12800 or higher, found in more Canon and Nikon digital SLRs. At higher ISO_speed with full-frame image sensor, you can make astonishing pictures in very low light conditions such as moonlight or candle light without using camera flash.

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Digital image processor is also essential. Every major camera manufacturer has its own digital image processor. Digital image processor features can be revealed by looking at several features of the image, such as: white areas, details clarity in both bright area and in dark areas of the same image, how natural are the colors across the entire image. Go to Internet and look at some images made with your candidate cameras.
The lens makes the image on the sensor. Its importance is obvious. More words about lenses you can find in Hints page.

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Camera body case can be made either of high-quality plastics, or of light metals.

This department has multiple links for directing you to the product category you want to shop. We have features category, with several sub-categories such as Full HD (250+), Professional (240+), 18MP (196+), EOS Rebel (170+), Body Only (160+), Starter Kit (100+) and more. For full access, follow the link Digital SLR. The numbers in parenthesis show the products of each category.
We have also brand category with names such as Canon (290+), Nikon (280+), Panasonic (45+), and more by following the link Digital SLR.
We have also selections over other criteria such as the number of pixels and price.
You have access to entire collection of more than 1,500 Digital SLR cameras by clicking on the link.
We strongly encourage you for doing this. For your convenience, we provide below some selections from different digital SLR camera categories.

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Working with digital images is very easy after a certain training. Most of the images taken by digital cameras are in .jpg format, supported by all computers and mobile devices. The typical connection between the digital camera and computer is through USB port, supported by default by all modern computers. Just connect the digital camera to the computer with a USB cable, download the images to the computer and enjoy them! Sometimes, for professional image processing, the images must be downloaded to the computer using a TWAIN protocol provided by camera manufacturer.
Simple image processing such as adjustment of brightness, contrast and eventually gamma, can be done by using built-in utilities available in all current operating systems. More complicated image processing operations can be done using image processing software utilities such as those available in our Digital Lab page.

Image storage can be done either in your computer, or in external storage devices such as HDD. By using cloud storage, you can store indefinitely your images on Internet, you can access them anywhere in the world and also you can share them with your family and friends.

The right-hand side of the page has links to free e-books. Most of them are related to digital photo and video. Sometimes, we provide books related to other subjects, for your leisure.

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