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is obviously the first part of digital camera contributing to the picture, in terms of scene selection and image quality. Photographer’s creativity goes through the lens. There is no surprise on the vast majority of lenses existing on the market, and for the continuous effort of all lens manufacturers to release new lenses with improved performances. Our store has more than 9,000 lenses for digital cameras, camcorders and iPads. The lenses made by major digital SLR manufacturers such as Canon and Nikon fit to all their respective cameras. Check carefully the lens compatibility with your camera when buying lenses from third-party manufacturers such as Tamron, Sigma or others; some features such as auto focus or image stabilization might not work if the lens is not properly selected. Several aspects related to lenses are highlighted in Hints section.
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The core of Lenses department is the collection of links to various divisions. We provide below links to lens divisions with significant number of items. We strongly encourage you to access to the entire department by following Camera Lenses link.
The Lenses department has over 9,000 products. You have multiple criteria to select your lens. If you look for features such as macro lenses, telephoto zoom lenses, Nikkor Lenses, EOS Rebel Lenses, USM lenses, to name just the most numerous collections of this category, follow the specified links. For full access to features category, follow the link camera lenses.
You can look for a specific lenses brand such as Canon, Nikon or Rokinon, to name just the numerous ones, follow the mentioned links. For all brands of lenses, follow Camera Lenses link.
If you look for lens mount compatibility such as Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony, to mention more popular brands, follow the provided links. For all lens mounts, follow Camera Lenses link.
If you are looking for camera lens types, follow the links telephoto (2,200+), macro (1,800+), wide angle (2,400+), zoom (1,400+) or fish eye (1,500+), follow the links provided. For all lens types, follow Camera Lenses link.

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Below we provide several examples from lens categories selected according to the criteria specified in title. We strongly encourage you for browsing the entire lens category by following the links of the titles.

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