The Digital Point and Shoot

or DP&S cameras are the best option for beginners. Just point the camera to the subject, and shoot! DP&S camera is very popular because of their small size, constantly improving image quality and their decreasing cost. Most frequently, compact point and shoot cameras are used either in auto-focus mode, or often they don’t need focusing at all. As a rule of thumb, more pixels for the same sensor size give a sharper image. You cannot change the lens of these cameras, which is one of their features that make their size small.
The emerging compact digital camera is an upgrade of point and shoot category that allow lens change from a limited choice provided by camera manufacturer.

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We facilitate the visit of this department by providing below several selections from categories such as Best Sellers, Hot New Releases, Gift Ideas, Top Rated and Most Wished For. Each title of these selection has link to the entire category. For browsing the entire Point and Shoot digital cameras department containing more than 5,100 products, follow the link.

When you are in Point and Shoot department, you have links to multiple categories organized on DP&S features such as Video Recording (1,800+), Image Stabilization (1,400+), Zoom Lens (900+), Full HD (320+), Coolpix (340+), Sporting (330+), Waterproof (300+) and more. The numbers in parenthesis show how many products are in each category.

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We provide you also the option for browsing DP&S cameras grouped by brands such as Panasonic (350+), Canon (400+), Nikon (300+), Sony (400+), Olympus (470+), Fujifilm (270+), GE (120+) and more. The numbers in parenthesis show how many products are in each category.

You have also choices to select DP&S according to the number of pixels between 5MP and under (850+ products)and 18MP and up (50+ products), price between under $25 (500+ products) and $200 and above (1,000+ products).

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From Top 100 Best Sellers Digital Point and Shoot

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From Top 100 Most Wished For Digital Point and Shoot

From Top 100 Gift Ideas Digital Point and Shoot

From Top 100 3D Cameras

We have also a broad range of Compact System cameras grouped by features such as HD video (130+ products), 16MP (75+ products), Touch Screen (70+ products), Viewfinder (70+ products), Lumix (60+ products), Professional (50+ products), E Mount (300+ products) with possibility to change the lens and more.
For compact cameras, you can browse our store by brands such as Sony (70+ products), Panasonic (60+ products), Olympus (60+ products), Nikon (15+ products) and more.
We have a broad range of sensor sizes between 10MP to 11.9MP up to 18MP and Up, totaling more than 200 products. The price spans between ($25 to $50) up to $200 and above.

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