Video Surveillance Systems

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Video surveillance system is the “electronic ward” of your property or of your business. Video surveillance system combine several technologies of video cameras, video compression, digital video recording, wireless communication and Internet connection to give you a trustful device. As an example, you can set your 4-cameras home system with 500GB HDD, for 24/7 recording of all your cameras scanned at 2-seconds time interval. Then, you will have a full record for more than 2 month. Of course, you can select any other scan rate. Be aware that by scanning with longer time intervals, you might loose some valuable events. We suggest to not use scanning at time intervals longer than 5-seconds. Moreover, if you connect your video surveillance system on Internet, you can see from any place in the world what is happening in real time in your property. You can check also what was happening there up to more than two months back.

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We have more than 5,400 surveillance systems for you to choose from. Our selection below comes from our entire range of surveillance systems. For access to entire surveillance department, please follow the link attached to the title below.

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Wireless surveillance systems give more flexibility in camera arrangements and added immunity to attack. We have more than 5,000 wireless security products in our site. A short selection is shown below. For a entire product line, follow the link attached to the title below.

Below you have some useful selections from our Surveillance department. For full access of the entire category, follow the link of the title.

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